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UM02 Módem de fax USB con identificación de llamadas

To implement Caller ID using AT Commands, you can use the following sequence of AT commands:

Ensure that your modem supports Caller ID Functionality by checking its documentation or AT command set.

Check the current configuration of your modem by sending the command:
This command queries the Caller ID feature status of the modem.

Enable Caller ID if it is not already enabled by sending the command:
This command enables the Caller ID feature on the modem.
Set the format for the Caller ID information by sending the command:
This command sets the Caller ID format to Type 2, which typically includes the caller's phone number and name.

Configure the presentation of Caller ID information (optional) by sending the command:
Replace <n> with the desired value to configure the Caller ID presentation. Common values include:

0: Disable Caller ID presentation
1: Enable Caller ID presentation
2: Enable Caller ID presentation with number only
3: Enable Caller ID presentation with name only

Test the Caller ID functionality by making an incoming call to the modem. The modem should provide a response with the Caller ID information, including the caller's phone number and name (if available), in the configured format.

Please note that the specific AT commands and their syntax may vary depending on the modem manufacturer and model. It's important to consult the modem's documentation or AT command reference for accurate and detailed command usage.

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